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Melody’s life experiences propelled her to seek out others in helping fulfill their destiny of a healthier way of life, ultimately leading to longevity and happiness within, that will bring them to a place of no regret.

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Nutritional Consulting & Empowerment

If you’re ready to see results, be held accountable, and feel supported in your journey to better health and fitness, you’re in the right place.

We’ll begin by choosing a meal plan that fits your personal needs. Together, we will discuss the best plan to ensure a successful outcome for your unique situation.

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Nutritional-Consulting & Empowerment


Macronutrients are what make up the caloric content of food, sometimes referred to as “Macros” in the category of carbohydrates, fat and protein. Melody, the macronazi will teach you to ensure you’re receiving the macronutrients you need while meeting your fitness goals

Achieve Optimum Health

If you are looking to lose weight or gain nutritional knowledge, then this is the program for you.

Melody’s program includes the education needed to successfully make long-term lifestyle changes. She will help you learn how to make healthy food choices, set and achieve goals, get active, and prepare yourself for any set backs that may occur.

She combines her experience as a competitive bodybuilder with nutritional knowledge to provide the key elements needed to reach your goals.

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“Accountability is the acknowledgment of responsibility for your actions with the obligation to report, explain, and be responsible for the resulting consequences.”​

Essentially, accountability keeps you consistent by having you report back to someone what you’re successfully – or unsuccessfully – doing with your diet and exercise regimen.

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