Why is meditation so important and why can it can help us in feeling happier?

  Buddha was asked what have you gained from meditation? He replied, “Nothing however, Buddha said, let me tell you what I lost: Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Insecurity, Fear of Old Age and Death.” According to some statistics, the number of people that are meditating every day is increasing all the time and I hope that this number will increase more and more. But there are still a lot of people that are not practicing meditation and that’s why I decided to write this post, to encourage more people to meditate. Why? Meditation is free, it’s powerful, can be practiced by anyone, everywhere, is extremely beneficial and can help us to feel happier. Now, what is meditation? Meditation is an ancient practice that helps to control our own mind and consequently our own life and discover ourselves. Personally, it is a way to recharge my batteries and to calm my mind. Has it ever happened to you? Where your mind has taken over and, therefore, you are not able to take some thoughts out of your head and you feel without energy and even too tired to sleep? Meditation helps us to control our mind and thoughts and turn off our mind when we do not need it anymore. Meditation is essential to feel well and live a happier life. But why? Meditation can help us to eliminate negative thoughts, worries, anxiety, all factors that can prevent us from feeling happy. It has been proved that the practice of meditation, carried out on a regular basis, will mitigate the symptoms of stress and anxiety. If we make a habit of meditating, we feel mentally fresh and we are able to deal with difficult situations more easily. To meditate it’s not necessary to be a Buddhist, Hindu or practice any religion, in fact, meditation has nothing to do with religion. We do not even need to spend hours and hours sitting in the lotus position. Most of the time we need a reason to start doing something. For instance, when we don’t feel well, we become more open to try everything possible that can help us to feel better and that could be included even meditation. Personally, I think we don’t need any particular reason to start. Even if we are happy with our life, meditation could be very beneficial. If you want to feel good about yourself then you should start meditating.