Why I LIke Tempo Training

   I like to use tempo in my fat-loss programs because of the way it targets muscle fibers. Where half of the set is performed explosively, and the second half extremely slow. The initial portion of the lift forces a neural or strength adaption because the movement is explosive and requires a coordinated effort with all of the motor units within a particular muscle.This fatigues the muscle, and then the slower reps kick in. These slower reps target individual motor units, and further fatigue the muscle and trigger a mass or hypertrophy response. Like any other training method, this is only effective for a short cycle before other techniques must be employed.As you can see, tempo is a very powerful tool when designing training programs. Understanding tempo is easy, and incorporating it is not difficult. The next time you jump into the iron game, think about time under tension and tempo. If you dance to the tempo, I’m sure you’ll be satisfied with the results.