Waste-Not beauty

CONSCIOUS CONSUMERISM is PAVING THE WAY FOR NEXT-LEVEL ECO-INNOVATIONS.  An increasing  number of beauty companies are employing potentially wasted ingredients to redefine “green.” No longer just a food movement, repurposed plants are showing up in everything from soap to face cream, pulling inspiration from ancient traditions and leveraging modern science.  Biotechnologists are now advancing this practice in a more systematic manner to find ways to recycle agro-food industry byproducts.Personal care companies are also reducing packaging waste and educating consumers on product shelf life for a full-circle approach to waste-free beauty. And today, less-wasteful practices from supply to shelf are fueling both artisan movements and global initiatives.There is currently a high-quality line of soaps in luscious scents such as bergamot, olives and grasses, which could be just the beginning for products using otherwise wasted ingredients. The possibilities are endless, seed oil, oil from coffee grounds…the list goes on and on.As for what you’ll see In products today: Grapevine and grapeseed ingredients contain potent antiaging properties, and companies are partnering with other grape-based product industries to avoid unnecessary waste.