The Science of Dinner Table Conversation

   Gathering around the dinner table is a great way to connect with family and friends. In addition to enjoying a delicious dish, you’ll also have the opportunity to catch up with the people most important to you. Yet despite its benefits, more than half of Americans say they’re having fewer family dinners than they did during their childhood. Why has it become so difficult to enjoy dinner time?One possible reason is that many people feel stressed about trying to start and maintain a conversation. For those who dread small talk, or are simply used to testing all day, there has been compiled data on the everyday dinner conversation. So for the upcoming holiday soirees, think about what you can do to excite and intrigue your dinner pals.TIPS FOR A BETTER SOCIAL DINNER Play Upbeat Music Turn the Lights On Be Expressive Don’t Talk Too Much About Yourself Keep the Phones Away Keep Eye Contact Don’t Let Your Mind Wonder Have More of Them!!