The power of accountability

  In my career as a Nutritional Advisor I am asked all the time about ways to insure the success of my clients. While there are several factors to help make a nutritional program effective, today I wanted to focus on one of the most important and hardest thing you can do to help stay on track. This can even be applied to other areas in life to a certain extent. So what is this winning method and how can you use it to your advantage? It’s “Accountability”! The dictionary defines accountability as “your ability and willingness to accept responsibility for your own actions.” In other words, you hold yourself accountable and responsible for what you do and the results, may they be favorable or unfavorable, are directly related to what you did. So how do you hold yourself accountable? In short: Speak Up. Let your plans be known to others. By others, I do not mean blasting it all over social media, although you can definitely do that. Let the important people in your life, whose opinion really matters to you, know what you are about to embark on and ask them to check on your progress. I know this sounds easier said than done. Some might even think it’s downright a crazy and scary idea to discuss something so personal like weight loss, with others. After all, who wants to blast something like “I am doing this to lose weight” out in the open? However, that is where the beauty of accountability lies. Before I conclude, here is homework for you. If you are planning to start a lifestyle transformation then think of at least five people that you would share your goals with. Go ahead, write their names down. Feel free to add more names. The bigger the safety network, the better the support.  Happy healthy transformationYour Macronazi  Melody Bragg