The Health Benefits of Bee Pollen

                                                       Fresh pollens contain a wide spectrum of at least 20 amino acids which are the building blocks of protein needed to build every cell in the body, from blood cell to the cells in the skin, organs and bones. These are also more than 100 active enzymes present in fresh and unheated pollens. Eating foods that contain enzymes helps the body prevent and fight diseases such as cancer and arthiritis and saves the body from having to make enzymes, a process that depletes energy. Applied to the skin, these pollens are also believed to be helpful in healing wounds and acne. Appreciated for years as an excellent weight control, bee pollen is low in calories and contains natural Phenylalanine, an amino acid that acts as appetite suppressant and Lecithin that helps dissolve and flush fat from the body, that is, detoxification and cleansing. Its ability to rejuvenate the body, stimulates organs, enhances vitality and accelerate rate of recovery makes it a popular home remedy and tonic among athletes and sportsmen. Despite the many thousands of chemical analyses conducted in the laboratory with the most advanced diagnostic technology to create a synthetic version, scientists are still unable to identify some elements present in the pollens. The bees must have added some mysterious goodness of their own that cannot be copied and replaced by any man-made food! Most Common Uses of Bee Pollen 1. Strengthening Immunity Functions 2. Children’s Physical & Brain Development 2. Asthma 4. Adrenal Fatigue 5. Fertility Booster 6. Weight Management 7. Cholesterol and Triglycerides Reduction 8. Relieve Diabetic Symptoms 9. Skin Related Ailments, eg excema, hives, rashes 10. Longevity