Patricia – San Jose, CA

Melody Bragg

I was intorduced to Melody’s program almost 4 months ago and thrilled to see my 36 lb. weight loss!! I appreciate Melody’s method of being supportive…even if I gained a pound or so, she still helped me along-to get back on track and celebrate my weight loss. I feel comfortable to share my weakness’ and struggles-she understands and offers needed suggestions. This is different then all those other weight loss programs…Melody’s method helps me to see what is good for me personally and how to pair the right foods together. It makes sense to weigh yourself every day-this helps me to see where to make needed adjustments, and it works! Appreciate the time Melody takes to show me a comparison picture of myself as well…it gives me the confidence to keep on going to reach my goal. I live in a 3 story condominium with no elevator, believe me, I was huffing and puffing when finally getting to the third floor, in fact, I had to rest half way up. Now I can reach to the third floor without stopping and no longer out of breath. Additional health benefits during the 4 months, my A1C went down by .6 points!! What can I say – it’s all good and I love it, very thankful my friend shared her experience and introduced me to Melody’s method of weight loss program, thank you Melody for helping me.