Lucinda – Bakersfield, California

Melody Bragg

I was 5’1, 183 pounds and very over weight. I woke up tired and went to bed tired, something had to change. I met Melody through a friend who she had helped lose weight as well. Other diets just didn’t work for me. It wasn’t always just about eating and changing my bad habits, but about teaching me how to make healthy choices. With all the positive encourgement I received came success, and I continue to have it today. If it wasn’t for Melody helping me with portion control and introducing me to healthy menus, I would still be unhealthy and unhappy, Melody is a mentor and continues to be a great support to me. She saved my life… I’ve lost a total of 40 pounds, 10 months later I’ve continued to maintain my weight and I feel great! love you girl.