Lea – Fairoaks, CA

Melody Bragg

I thought I was eating healthy until I started this program. Like most of us as we get older we gain weight. I saw myself putting on a few pounds as time went by, and although familiar with alot of diets through friends, books, commercials and infomercials, I never really followed any of them. I would pick and choose what I thought would work and tried to be careful in what I ate. I consider myself a foodie in that I love having a variety of foods weekly. I also loved to drink wine while making dinner. In time the weight kept coming on and I wasn’t happy about it. That’s when I noticd a friend of mine losing weight and looking good. Her demeanor had changed and she was happy with her accomplishment. I inquired and that’s when I was put in touch with Melody. As we spoke, I realized that this program wasn’t just a diet but a lifestyle. I thought I may have a hard time with it as I was going to have to give up my wine for at least 2 weeks, but I honestly never felt better. I was also initially unhappy with the low salt items and having to use spray oil but again adapted. Because I loved having so much variety in my foods each week and now on a limited menu, I thought for sure I would fail. I got use to it all and was feeling better as well. This brings me to the reason I got on Melody’s plan in the first place! It was to get healthier and get off all my medications. Especially the diabetes meds. It’s been 3 months since I started and I am no longer on the diabetes meds and am only taking half of my blood pressure meds thanks to you (Melody). So far, I have lost a total of 18 lbs. and would like to lose an addition 8lbs. I appreciate your “cheerleading” effort on my behalf and how you patiently tried to work with me. I also appreciaet your phone calls and willingness to text me back within minutes. I appreciate your knowledge of options and helping in figuring out whether certain foods would work with me. This technique is going to help me in the long term. All I can say is that I am truly grateful for Melodys’ time, energy, and expertise and will continue to recommend her to others. Thank you again (Melody) for all your help!