Kristina – Nipomo

Melody Bragg

I thank God for Melody “Sarge.” God placed Melody in my life in his perfect timing for a purpose and what a blessing it’s turned out to be. She helped me learn what to eat, how to eat and why to eat to nourish my body so that it performs most efficiently. She even helped me through some of the cooking I needed to learn. I didn’t cook much or very well primarily because I have issues with my feet, so I was doubtful in the beginning that this would work for me. I didnt share with others what I was up to because I feared failure which I had experienced many times before trying various weight loss methods. It was interesting when people started to notice the difference. They’d say things like “I like what you did with your hair” even though there really was no change there. Or they’d say “nice outfit”…I just said “thank you” and smiled. Don’t be discouraged when I say others didn’t notice right away. For me, it took more than 20 pounds before someone asked me if I’d lost weight. That’s okay, because I knew I was doing great all along that way. The lasting benefit is that Melody equipped me for maintaining m goal and new lifestyle. With Melody’s help I lost 35 pounds. It didn’t come off fast, but steadily I made progress and in the course of 5 months I got to my initial goal weight, then I lost another 5 pounds so that I could have a buffer for the occasional celebration or vacation events. I have maintained my weight loss through my vacation and now the holidays and feel better that I have felt in 30 years. It’s so amazing how your body can think you for eating nutritiously and exercising. Did I get discouraged and want to quit? Yes, once, but I didn’t. Did I get grouchy along the way? Yes, but Melody was a tremendous support. She knows it’s not easy. The shopping, cooking, prepping and planning of meals was a bit overwhelming because it was not what I was accustomed to. It was definitely a LOT of work and it still is, but now it’s so much more routine and I have become more efficient at getting it all done. It is absolutely possible to succeed at this, but it takes time and perseverance to get there. Exercise is also key to success. I’ve noticed such a beneficial change there as well with more endurance, more strength, more flexibility and better balance. Right away I noticed 2 beneficial changes when I started working with Melody. I was sleeping better at night and the occasional indigestion was gone. After I lost about 20 pounds, my snoring stopped. I started to make a list of the beneficial changes I was noticing. It’s really been amazing! To health and happiness! To living well! To Sarge! Blessings