James (Front/Side)

Melody Bragg

I started my own weight loss program, over a period of 9 months ago, and lost 20lbs. My goal was to lose 42lbs. but halfway there I started gaining the weight back again and was disappointed. Then I heard about Melody, and her odd Macronazi name, from a friend on the program. After some investigation I decided to invest in myself and give it a try. Five months later I have reached my goal weight. It took a little work, to understand and implement the new way of looking and eating food, but I have to say overall it was pretty easy and pain free. No severe deprivation or crazy diet food. I had the motivation to stick to it because Melody kept me accountable to her direction, and we tracked my progress. I’m 72 years old and had a stent 10 months prior to the program and my cholesterol was in pretty bad shape. Since the program I’ve been able to greatly reduce the amount of statin drugs I’m on along with 3 other medications. My total cholesterol is now completely in standard range. If you really want to take control of your weight instead of it taking control of you, I highly recommend you make the modest investment in yourself and sign up with Melody.