Ismael – Atascadero, California

Melody Bragg

Melody was the catalyst I needed that will forever shape the rest of my nutritional and fitness life. I had always been into fitness and I put in the hours in the gym but I just wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. This year I took a stand and decided it would be different. I decided I WILL learn how to properly manage my diet, I WILL lose weight and I WILL have an awesome body for the summer no matter what, I told myself. I started up with Melody at the beginning of April 2017 at a weight of 178lbs and nothing special to look at. Two months later I hit 150lbs and now I’m constantly checking myself out in the mirror. The results have been truly eye opening, not only visually but in a lifestyle sense as well. I learned the importance of properly managing my diet to meet my fitness goals. Without Melody I know I would have been stuck in the same stagnante state, frustrated with the lack of results I was seeing.I’m incredibly happy to have gone through this journey and wish I would have gotten her help much much sooner. I am still in awe over what two short months did to my body and indirectly my self-confidence and overall happiness. Thank you for everything Melody!