Melody Bragg

The picture you see is after just 4 weeks of being on Melody’s program. Before I started my journey with Melody, I would hit the gym everyday and lift heavy with the goal of building muscle and attaining a certain physique. After 2 years of that process, I became disheartened with the lack of results. I was missing something. My mom was going crazy over the results she was seeing on Melody’s program and recommended that I “try things out”. That’s where my journey started. I thought I was eating clean, yet I had no balance. I wasn’t eating enough carbs or protein and my calorie intake wasn’t consistent. Not to mention, I had no clue what “macros’ even were. After the first week, I had no idea how much energy I had been deprived of all this time. I felt more energized than ever. Overall, I learned that you can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet, and that balance with overall consistency is the only way to achieve the body you dream of. THANK YOU MEL!