Carlos and Sarah – Oceano, California

Melody Bragg

Even before we even knew of Melody, Carlos and I needed and wanted to lose a large amount of weight and what intimidated us was not knowing how to go about it. I was taught to maintain weight through diet and exercise, not how to lose weight. I had gained after quitting competitive swimming ten years prior. Carlos was on the verge of resorting to dangerous drugs, pointless dieting methods, and/or expensive surgeries that could have left him with more potential health problems down the road. The amount of weight he needed to lose seemed impossible for him at the time, his breaking point was when he hit 409 pounds. We were fed up with being overweight and were ready to make the change that would transform our lives. Intimated, hesitant and frankly a little afraid the overwhelming thought of being thin and fit outweighed it all. Mel made changing our routine easy to adjust to, along with her methods and advice/input on any question we had for her. Having to answer to someone besides ourselves was the biggest tool in our success. She patiently heard our concerns to our new menu and was willing to adjust if she saw it necessary. She made sure to be attentive to us every step of the way, there were times we wanted to quit but it never outweighed the results we were both seeing. The weight came off quicker than we could have imagined. Melody strives for perfection in her own personal journey, it was hard not to want to do our best when our mentor was always going above and beyond. We have changed our lifestyles for the best, once we made the initial change it has been actually difficult to go back to our old ways. Melody will always be with us, she is ingrained into our brains and there is no going back for us. Now that we know this way of life and our bodies continue to change and impress us “Melody Bragg” will be the first name out of our mouths to people who wonder how we did it. Thanks for always striving for your best Melody, clients and friends until the end.