Brooke – Northern California

Melody Bragg

Before I started this program I was in a really bad depression. I couldn’t get out of bed except to work in the evenings. I had no motivation or energy to do anything! I had headaches, anxiety, did not sleep at night and my eczema on my one hand and around my hairline was intense. My self esteem was so low because I was heavy. Then In December, while on vacation with my Aunt and cousin, I was told about Mel and what she had done for them. It’s not JUST about losing weight, but how Mel helps you to learn how to eat right, a lifestyle change. She can help you get your health issues under control, by what you put in your body. I told myself I needed this change. I was so tired of feeling tired. So I joined Mel’s program. I started at 178 pounds and in 3 months I had lost 30 pounds and went from a 16/18 to a size 8!!! I love putting foods together and there is so many varieties that I do now. Oh and the health, emotionally, physically, mentally i mentioned in the beginning…all under control now. Headaches, eczema under control and my depression/anxiety is gone!!! I sleep at night and have never had so much energy before. My doctor has taken me off my high blood pressure meds as well. The physical body I have now is so amazing, even for me. With the combination of the physical, emotional, and mentally changed person that I have become, it has inspired my friends and family to join the program as well. Mel you are so AMAZING!!! You have changed my life. I could not have done this without your inspiration, encouragement, honesty and support. Your were and still are my cheerleader. I am beyond happy that I have you to depend on. Thank you for caring so much about people that you want them to feel good about themselves. Luv ya girl!!!