Anthony – Barstow CA

Melody Bragg

For years, I have had these goals of looking a certain way. When I was young, I would play with my uncle’s weights. In my teens I would work out in the gym, and by my young adult years I just wanted to be buff and ripped! It was easy for me then because I had no responsibilities. Becoming a family man put my goals in the back seat of the priority list. I had to work and went back to school as my family grew. My diet was out of control and the goals of being buff and ripped were out of sight, but not out of mind. As I got deeper into my 30’s I reflected on my dads health at this age. He had been diagnosed with Diabetes Type ll, and eventually ended up insulin dependent and a scare of high blood pressure was upon me as well. A friend of mine told me what he was doing. His excitement and reults made me curious, though I was half his size. He told me he had met this lady that gave him a plan. He had only talked to her on the phone, but she was a GENIUS! Her name – Melody Bragg, the “Macronazi” herself! Since working with Mel she has taught me accountability, acceptance, consistency, persistance, and positive belief and she has allowed me the tools to retain my 20’s well into my 30’s. I have teenage boys that I can now keep up with on several full court basketball games. I want to be around to have the energy for them. They’ve seen the changes and are proud of me. I have changed the way my family looks at their own health and habits, including my dad…all this by listening to Mel’s advice. Thank you Mel…for giving me the knowledge to press that “reset button” for the last and final time in my life!