Tea Up for Lower Blood Pressure

For some folks, teeing up a golf ball is a great way to relax. In fact according to Jimmy Demaret, the first golfer to win the Masters three times. “Golf and sex are about the only things you can enjoy without being good at (them).”
 But for those of you who  find teeing up that small white ball more frustrating (or boring) than relaxing there’s another kind of tea that can help you chill. New research shows that if you take up drinking tea, you can expect to see your top blood pressure number (systolic) dip by around 2.5 mmHg. Your bottom number (diastolic) will go down about 2.2 mmHg.  The researchers who discovered this data looked at the results of 25 randomized, controlled studies on tea and blood pressure, with a total of 1,476 participants. Green tea seems to have the most powerful effect on blood pressure; black tea is second, and it makes no difference if the tea is caffeinated or decaffeinated. So how does tea lower your blood pressure? It seems to allow blood vessels to relax and help their lining stay healthy. Although this study didn’t say how much tea to drink, other studies indicate that several cups a day may be optimal.  No pressure. Tea up a cup!