How to ditch the guilt of putting yourself first

  It’s time to blow the lid off a huge myth in our culture – the idea that putting yourself first is selfish. Sure, no one wants to be that girl that truly thinks that the world should cater to her schedule and desires, but putting yourself first doesn’t make you a terrible person. When you love someone else, it’s natural to want to prioritize their desires and needs because we want to make them happy. But loving others doesn’t mean that you can’t love yourself, too. The bottom line is that we have to take care of ourselves. The harsh reality is that you can’t save anybody else and you definitely can’t force the world to change. You’re the only thing in this world that you have full control over. If you’re running on E, you have absolutely no energy to put into others, so here are 6 reasons putting your own physical/mental/emotional needs first puts you in the position to actually be selfish and not feel guilty about it.  1. Surround yourself with people who treat you the way your deserve to be treated. 2. Stop feeling guilty that someone out there is not as well off as you if it’s out of your control. Do what you can but don’t beat yourself up about it. 3. Choose a career that you love. Do what YOU want to do and not what others wish for you. 4. Once you start caring for yourself you learn how to care for others. 5. Focusing more on yourself allows you to be more content, always seeing the glass as half full. 6. When you feel good inside it’s much easier to be kinder to and more considerate of other people. Things just look better when you are loving towards yourself.  So, call it selfish –  I put myself first and now the whole world looks more beautiful, every day has a unique charm to it, and I smile more often. There is this calmness inside me that I had never felt before. Not everything is perfect, but I am okay with that. I feel mentally and physically strong and see the good in others. I love seeing the world from this perspective. It’s the best view ever.