How long will it last?

     Fridge Raw poultry and ground meatsEat or freeze within 1-2 days Leftovers 3-4 days Hard cheese Opened, 3-4 weeks;Unopened, 2 weeks Soft cheese 1 week Condiments Up to 6 months  Freezer Cooked meats 3-4 months Raw poultry, pork Up to 12 months Raw beef Ground, 3-4 months;roasts, up to 12 months Vegetables and fruits Up to 12 months  Pantry Oils Opened, 1-3 months;unopened, 6 months Vanilla and other extractsOpened, 12 months; unopened, 2 years Spices and herbs Herbs and ground spices,6 months; whole spices, 2 years Baking powder 3 months Baking soda, sugar, pasta, rice 12 months