Feeding your partners heart The "3 X 3 Formula"

     There’s an intimacy formula to help you feed your partner’s heart: Our bodies need to eat at least three or more meals a day, and our hearts need to be nourished in the same way. Feeding your partner’s heart means feeding him/her three love meals a day. That means three times a day when you choose to actively love your partner, for at three minutes. This is the “3 X 3 Formula.”   What do you feed your partner during these Love Meals? Just like we have the four basic food groups in nutrition, we have come up with three basic emotional food groups that are called The Three A’s: Attention, Affection, and Appreciation. When you give your mate these three ingredients during your three minutes, you will be nourishing his or her heart.    Attention: Paying attention means being there 100 percent, totally in the moment with the person you love. You are not doing anything else other than being there for them.    Affection: Showing affection means giving physical intimacy-touching, holding, being physically close together.  This kind of affection is not particularly sexual. Rather, it is loving physical affection that soothes and heals our body and souls.    Appreciation: Expressing appreciation means demonstrating your love verbally, telling your partner what you love about them, what you’re grateful to them for, what they’ve done that has made you proud. Most of us don’t get enough appreciation and are starving for gratitude. Example: “Thank you for being so patient with me this morning when I was in a bad mood.” Three times a day, for at least three minutes, use the Three A’s to feed your partner’s heart. You will be amazed at the results.