A. I will start by suggesting changes in your current eating and or drinking habits.
Then a menu will be created for you to follow so we can monitor how your body will respond to the
caloric intake I have set for you.
From there I will slowly begin to teach you what it is I am doing so you will be able to sustain your
progress on your own.

A. You can begin by going to my websites “services” page and securely pay for a plan.
You will be sent an email directing you to complete a “discovery” then book an appointment.

A. I look at each client’s situation carefully and create a menu that will work with your busy lifestyle.
Some light cooking from home and meal prep however are required in order to have a higher rate of

A. No, I will take foods that you enjoy now and teach you how to create a healthier meal out of them.

A. In order to monitor your response to the caloric intake I have set for you yes, we will be eating from
the same menu all week. I will however show you how to use the same ingredients on the menu given
to create other meals out of them when variety is needed.

A. I communicate with my clients in three different ways.
1. Phone
2. Text
3. E-mail

A. As soon as you’re ready!