Are Abs Really Made in the Kitchen?

  There are plenty of fitness rules you can argue over, but the fact that abs are made in the kitchen is not one of them.The foods you eat and the diet you follow will be the deciding factor when it comes to a flat, defined stomach or an abdominal wall that’s hiding behind belly fat.Genetics will determine the shape and insertions of your ab muscles, your muscularity will determine the size of your muscles and how fat you can get before they disappear-which is directly tied to body fat percentage-and your diet impacts your ability to lose belly fat and expose your abdominal wall.When it comes to building and exposing a strong, sexy midsection, you can forget about doing 1,000 crunches a week. Instead, focus our efforts where abs are really made: the kitchen.Rules You Need to Follow for Flat Abs 1. Cut Down Carbs 2. Stop Drinking 3. Eat Protein with Every Meal 4. Don’t Fear Healthy Fats 5. Get a Good Nights Sleep 6. Core Stability Exercises